You must feel disappointed that the broadcast of the reality program, ‘Cover Girl’, was postponed.

Jessica: I think it’s an inevitable situation. Still, I’m looking forward to when the first broadcast will be held.
Krystal: Because it has daily happenings with my sister, it didn’t feel like work. So time flew by while filming. I think we can wait for the first broadcast with the same, current feeling? I’m just hoping broadcasts will resume soon.

It’s not easy seeing you in variety shows or reality programs. How did you come to choosing ‘Cover Girl’?

Jessica: I didn’t have any plans to intentionally pick a reality program. Just, I think people feel a sense of distance from us. I thought we should try to shorten that distance through ‘Cover Girl’.
Krystal: It was fun because the concept was sisters showing their daily life and comfortable appearances. There wasn’t any reason to try hard preparing decorated or exaggerated things.

Still, you’re girls. Wasn’t it burdensome having to show every little part of your day?

Jessica: To be honest, it’s harder trying to look good to viewers.
Krystal: That really doesn’t go well with our personalities either. Haha. People tend to think we’re arrogant, but we actually enjoy eating street food and don’t really like dressing ourselves up. We wanted to show these sides of us naturally through a show.

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