“me!” magazine recently published a feature about Jessica and Krystal’s visit to Los Angeles. The sisters attended Jimmy Choo’s “CHOO.08” launch party on April 15th and participated in a photoshoot for the British high fashion house. They also met Jimmy Choo’s creative director, Sandra Choi.

Jessica, Krystal, and Sandra sat down with “me!” for a brief interview. Krystal revealed that, while she owns about 100 pairs of shoes, she cannot share with her sister because their feet are different sizes, and they do not share the same sense of style. Jessica later added that since she doesn’t have a lot of high heels, she’s in search of a pair of dark blue “Abel” brand shoes that she can wear for various occasions.

In addition to the interview, “me!” put together some clips of the three women talking and admiring a wide selection of shoes.


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