On February 19th, Seohyun completed her final performance as Yeonwoo in the musical, “Moon That Embraces the Sun”. After the January 20th press call and her first public show on January 21st, Seohyun was able to successfully and skillfully portray her character over the span of a month. Along the way, she received tremendous support from friends and family, SONEs, and her fellow members. Hyoyeon was in the audience for Seohyun’s final performance. During the final curtain call, her cast mates encouraged Seohyun to give a speech to the audience, commemorating her role in the musical. After introducing herself as Seo Yeonwoo, Seohyun went on to say that it was her first musical and though there were many flaws, she made memories that she would never forget because she was with great people. She finished off by saying that she will work hard to be a better musical actress. Seohyun then gave a big heart in response to the applause, bowed to the audience, and gave one last wave, peeking through the final curtain before it fell.

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