CeCi: Meeting you in real life, I was surprised that you had a low-pitched voice.
Yoona: Right? Whether I’m doing a photoshoot, singing, or performing on stage, there are a lot of times where I’m in charge of lovable, cute parts, so people see me as being really girly. I actually like the feel of androgynous concepts more. So there’s a difference between my image and actual self. The easy-going personality of the character ‘Nam Dajung’ when she was a reporter in ‘Prime Minister & I’ is close to my normal personality. I acted really comfortably, but there were a lot of viewers who said it was refreshing. I also felt some disappointment, wishing that episode was a bit longer.

CeCi: Are you more used to the burden that comes from leading the drama as the main role now?
Yoona: It’s not a situation of being able to lead anyone yet. I was able to meet nice and considerate opposing roles played by Kwon Sangwoo oppa, Jang Geunsuk oppa, and Lee Bumsoo sunbae, so I received a lot of help on and off camera. I leaned on the seniors’ work experiences and am stacking up the things I’ve learned, one by one. I agreed with this work’s director’s words: ‘There’s a small but definite difference between someone who has and hasn’t acted as the lead.’ The lead slowly gains the skill of seeing the general flow of the drama. I always feel that concentration is the most important thing. I’m not really sure what I have to do to convey subtle differences in emotions I’m expressing to viewers yet. (laughs) I probably have to study and practice a lot.

CeCi: Nam Dajung’s love in ‘Prime Minister & I’ was a bit stifling, to be frank. Do you agree?
Yoona: Nam Dajung was a mature character that was considerate and and made sacrifices for love. But I still have more child-like tendencies.

CeCi: Is being mature good?
Yoona: I’m not sure. Being mature means you know a lot more things. Right now, I like being twenty-five or twenty-six years old more than twenty. Of course, I could be thinking that because I’m still young. But something I’m certain of is that it’s prettiest and best when you do things at the proper age. I’m able to make a bigger change now because I was able to show a lot of an image, like an innocent appearance, at a suitable age. Nowadays, I’ve been liking mannish styles during photoshoots. Though, I’m not sure if I’ve been drawn to a mannish image because I only showed a lovely image in my prime, or because I’ve always liked them.

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