[From. YOONA]: Thank You So Much

Thank you so much to everyone who watched ‘Prime Minister & I’ for 4 months
and supported Nam Dajung♡

It really doesn’t feel like this drama has ended.
Through this drama. I’m happy to have met such a good director and writers.
And great senior [actors].

Especially.. Me, who was lacking a lot.
I’m really grateful for the director and seniors who always taught and helped me.
I wanted to say thank you so much to our fans who consistently supported Nam Dajung Yoona^^
And viewers who watched♡

As expected, there were quite a number of things that I felt and gained through this work.
I will continue to work hard and become an improving and matured Yoona
So please support and watch over me!

Also, please give Girls’ Generation, who will be greeting you with a new appearance, lots of love♡
It’s late, but happy new year~^^
Thank you.


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