Seohyun will be getting on stage not as a Girls’ Generation member, but as Yeonwoo of ‘Moon That Embraces the Sun’. In reality, there seemed to be a lot of similarities between Seohyun and Yeonwoo. First of all, she is beautiful and innocent like Hwon and Yangmyung’s first love, Yeonwoo. Recalling the first love anyone dreams of, seeing Seohyun appear wearing a fluttering white one-piece, is a natural phenomenon. Also, like Yeonwoo, who is finding her love again by overcoming numerous hardships, Seohyun carries a gentle appearance, but is strong in spirit. She looks weak on the outside, like she would break easily. But her eyes that unravel her thoughts and dreams, are firm.

One Step Closer to the Stage

The Musical: You’re finally debuting in a musical. How does it feel thinking of your first stage?
Seohyun: My heart is beating and fluttering. I want that day to hurry up and come. But it’s also really burdensome. It’s part nervousness, part fluttering of my heart, and part anticipation (laughs).

The Musical: I assume Girls’ Generation members who have experienced the musical stage before gave you various tips for your first performance.
Seohyun: They really believed in me. They told me to be confident. Participate in practices as much as possible. They always send me messages of support. Rather than giving me special advice like a teacher, they become a great source of strength next to me.

The Musical: When did you decide that you should do a musical?
Seohyun: I got the dream watching [Ock] Joohyun unnie’s performance. I watched every musical she was in, not missing a single one. I gradually set my mind on wanting to be in a musical like that.

The Musical: What work was especially memorable?
Seohyun: ‘42nd Street’. The role of Peggy Sawyer was quite appealing. I really want to be in this work one day. So after seeing the performance, as a future promise [to appear in the musical], I learned to tap dance. During a concert, I created a stage similar to the musical and showed off my tap dancing.

The Musical: I’m looking forward to your Peggy. What other role do you want to play?
Seohyun: Glinda from ‘Wicked’! I really enjoyed ‘Wicked’. I watched it in New York, and I also watched the performance in Korea. But I liked Joohyun and [Jung] Sunah unnie’s performances the most. If it weren’t for those two, it’s a character that I could have never even imagined. They were over 100% in sync with the characters. Every time I see Joohyun unnie’s performances, I get a lump in my throat and gain a great amount of strength. Of course, her role of Elphaba was also great and I did want to play it, but Glinda was quite lovable. Of the two, it’s the character that I could express a bit better. I’ve set the goal to try playing it within the next ten years.

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