On January 31st, Sunny posted a photo of herself with Seohyun on her Instagram account to wish fans a happy Lunar New Year. The caption on Sunny’s photo reads, “Happy new year~~~ #mangnaeandmaknae… owㅡ. our maknae our maknae our maknae!!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR~!!”

Shortly afterwards, Sunny posted another photo on her Instagram, this time of food, and began another chat session with fans. The caption on this photo read, “Exciting your appetite. I won’t gain weight alone. Let’s gain weight together. Eat a late night snack. Eat it twice. Eh-heh-ra-di-ya~~!!!!! (Translator’s note: this is a sound made when in a good mood) Happy new year~!!! #dehet Please help yourself. Haha!!” Sunny’s replies can be seen below with translations of her Korean comments in Italiacs.

Sunny: 단언컨데.후라이드계의최고봉은.엉터리치킨입니다
(The best of fried chicken is. Eongteori chicken)

Sunny: 아.엉터리통닭..ㅋㅋㅋ
(Ah. Eongteori Tongdak.. ㅋㅋㅋ)

Translator’s note: “Tongdak” means “chicken”. This is the name of a restaurant.

Sunny: 궁금할까봐
(In case you were curious)

Sunny: 엉터리통닭.요즘나의최고사랑.
(Eongteori Tongdak. My greatest love lately.)

Sunny: 배달앙대여.포장은가능합니다손님.
(I can’t deliver. I can wrap it up for you though, customer.)

Sunny: 누가내가먹어도날씬하대!!!!
(Who said I’m skinny even after eating!!!!)



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