Girls’ Generation’s official website has posted a series of photos showing messages from Girls’ Generation commemorating the new year.

Happy new year!
- Taeyeon

happy new year s♡ne ♥ ^ㅡ^
- Jessica

2014, the new year!! I hope everything you hope for comes true. Have a happy new year
- Sunny

Happy New Year ♥ 2014
- Tiffany

‘2014’ Have a happy new year~ And I hope it’s filled with only happy things^^! And love Soshi even more ♥
- Hyoyeon

Happy new year
- Yuri

Smile more in 2014!! And always be healthy ♡
- Sooyoung

Everyone~ I hope in 2014, you’re healthier and your year is filled with better things than in 2013!
- Yoona

It’s the new year of 2014~ Have a very happy new year~ ♥ I hope your year becomes a meaningful one where everything you hope for comes true!! Spend 2014 with Girls’ Generation ♥
– Seohyun


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