Q: What do you want the most right now?
A: Time off! I want to go on a vacation to New York or Paris and go shopping!!

Q: What do you do that makes you the happiest?
A: When I go eat delicious food with friends that I love~ ^^

Q: You are always trendy, but do you have a fashion item that you want to include this fall~(*^^*)?
A: A wine red warm knit with a caramel color coat kind of style... Everyone, please take the challenge in coordinating a lovely outfit with a fall fashion item too!!


Q: If one of your wishes could be granted, what would you wish for?
A: I would wish for more people around the world to become happy through SNSD's music. Since I think music has no boundaries, I'd like to send out a wonderful song for everyone to come and enjoy together.

Q: What season does the youngest member like? Why?
A: "Spring", since it is a season when everything starts anew. I feel like there is hope when new green shoots and buds bloom.

Q: What is your favorite Japanese word?
A: I like "kira kira"* because it's cute. Also, when I was told that the word "banjjak banjjak" in the lyrics of Korean version of "Gee" has the same meaning as "kira kira" by the Japanese staff, everyone and I said that the words' nuances were cute.

T/L: "kira kira" is the sound effect for something that sparkles


Q: What is the event that has made you laugh the most recently?
A: Recently at SMTOWN Indonesia we held a birthday party for Hyoyeon ^^ When I watched Hyoyeon dance at that time, I rolled around laughing (laughs)

Q: When your free time has ended, what do you want to do most (● ̄∀ ̄●)!? (laughs)
A: I want to go and meet someone I want to see ^^

Q: What is a phrase that makes you happy when the members say it?
A: Taengoo-ah~ (Taeyeon's nickname)


Q: I want to imitate Yoona unnie’s makeup♪ Please teach me points for applying makeup ^^
A: I think an important point is skin tone, so I use a slightly brighter foundation. Also, I think having healthy looking cheeks is important.

Q: I have a pet dog. If you could have any pet, what would you get?
A: Since I love dogs, I’d want a cute puppy!

Q: What have you recently tried your best on?
A: Recently, since my skin tone hasn’t been too well, I’m really trying to get healthy. I’m also preparing to study a lot of Japanese!


Q: I was surprised when you cut your hair. What kind of hair style will you try next?
A: Hmm… I’m actually a little conflicted over my next hair style. What kind of hair style would be good~??

Q: Among the SNSD members, who would you want to ‘paparazzi’?
A: Yoona! I want to show the fans pictures not of the usual pretty Yoona, but the cute and funny side she only shows to members!

Q: Do you have a favorite game?
A: I like puzzle games, logic games, RPG games… I pretty much like all games (>_<) (laughs)


Q: What is your daily routine?
A: When I don’t have a schedule, after I go to school for class, I shop with my mom and go eat delicious food with the other members.

Q: I like the smell of when the seasons change and when it’s about to rain. Sooyoung unnie, what smells do you like? ^^
A: I like natural scents of soap and cologne, not man-made fragrances like perfumes. ^^

Q: Who do you think among the members is the most like an older sister?
A: Sunny! Rather than her personality, she knows many older songs and she is very knowledgeable. It is almost as if she’s someone from an older time period~ ^^ (laughs)


Q: I think you can speak English, Korean, and Japanese, but is there any other language you want to be able to speak?
A: French! French language. ^^ I think a girl speaking French is charming and sexy. (laughs)

Q: Tiffany is a big lover of pink, but please tell us if there is anything you think that "it would be great if this was pink?"
A: Come to think of it, I think everything is already pink. (laughs)

Q: Please tell us what do you think of music?
A: music is my Life! (laughs)


Q: How do you get rid of nervousness?
A: I do light stretches and shout to myself not be nervous and have fun!

Q: Always smiling Hyoyeon (*^^*) Whats your secret for energy?
A: I endeavor to enjoy interesting and fun experiences and to have fun with everything!

Q: After reaching your 5th anniversary, please tell me your hopes for this year.
A: I want to show performances with overflowing energy and that capitalizes on feelings.


Q: What is your favorite sport?
A: Leisure sports. Lately I like scuba diving.

Q: If you could ride a time machine, where would you go?
A: To the day that my mom gave birth to me. I want to see with my own eyes how much love I got from my parents and if I'm a grateful being. (laughs) And also see how important of an existence I am...(laughs)

Q: Skirt or pants which do you like the most?
A: Better than choosing which one I like, it's good if I'm a girl that fits both skirts and pants. <3

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