Tiffany Featured in “Weekly Idol”
Tiffany placed fourth on a list of dorky idols who are in charge of being the team’s “big hole”, meaning that she messes up frequently. The video goes over her language and choreography mistakes in a lighthearted manner, and SONEs are reminded of the time when Jessica joked about Tiffany being a “big hole” because the latter wore the number zero during “Oh!” promotions.

THEFACESHOP Releases Behind-the-Scenes Footage of Seohyun’s CF Filming
THEFACESHOP released a behind-the-scenes video of Seohyun’s recent CF filming for the brand’s “Mango Seed Silk Moisturizing Facial Butter”. In the clip, Seohyun displays a playful yet professional attitude as she works with the staff to film the advertisement.

Yoona Featured in CIBA VISION Promotional Videos

Yoona was recently featured in two promotional videos for CIBA VISION. In each video, Yoona comments on the various types of contact lenses from DAILIES and FreshLook, both brands under CIBA VISION.

Bean Pole Releases Advertisement Featuring Tiffany

“Invincible Youth 2″ Photobook to be Released in November
A photobook for KBS 2TV’s “Invincible Youth 2″, featuring Hyoyeon and the rest of G5, will be available starting in November. All proceeds from the photobook sales will go to charity.

Girls’ Generation to Perform on NHK’s “MUSIC JAPAN”
Girls’ Generation will be appearing on NHK’s “MUSIC JAPAN” on October 21st. They will be singing “All My Love Is For You”. Other performers for that night include SUPER☆GiRLS and Rihwa.

Photo of Jessica and Quincy Jones Revealed
A picture that Jessica and Quincy Jones took together during “SMTOWN Live World Tour III” in Los Angeles in May recently surfaced online. Quincy Jones is a well-known American producer of music and the popular TV show “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”.

New Sets of Pictures
Japanese Mobile Fansite - Taeyeon, Jessica, Sunny 1, Sunny 2, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Yoona, Seohyun, Group 1, Group 2, Group 3, Group 4, Group 5
Lotte Department Store- Sooyoung, Group 1, Group 2, Group 3, Group 4
THEFACESHOP - Seohyun 1, Seohyun 2
“The 3rd Hospital” - Sooyoung 1, Sooyoung 2, Sooyoung 3, Sooyoung 4, Sooyoung 5

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