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[Message] ^^


[From. SEOHYUN]: ^^

A little late birthday party photo!^^
My birthday has passed, but I’m posting my late birthday party photo~ㅎ
There are a lot of individual schedules, so it was difficult getting togetherㅜ
I was really really happy receiving birthday wishes like this from my unnies~!ㅎㅎ
Unnies, you’re the best!!
My wish is..a secret♥
Have a happy day today~^^

Message in the text box:
Unnies~~ thank you so much!^^
My wish is..a secret♥


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[Message] Sunny's Message and Picture on SONE PLUS+

Hello everyone in SONE PLUS+, how are you? It's Sunny!

Since July started, summer really has come~. I'm excited because the stores have a variety of my favorite fruits♪ (laughs)

Recently we have many schedules overseas, but I think I want to survive the hot summer and take care of my body~ (^ω^)

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[From. SEOHYUN] ♥

Cpl. Florence
трепетная няша.

Everyone~!! Really.. Thank you..
For blessing mine, Seohyun’s, a person named Seo Juhyun’s birth on June 28th..
For filling a very important part of my life with an unforgettable love..
Thank you for being together with me on this irreversible, unstoppable, and unerasable moment.

I always think about something. Do I really have the right to receive such a great love like this?
What do I do if I were to, by chance, disappoint these people?..
While gratefulness and pressure always exist, every one of those times
with just the fact that I am receiving love right now
I realize that my life has a tremendous amount of value..

While I can’t become someone who can please everyone
If there is anyone who can smile just once because of me
I’m really happy with that alone.
I’ll work harder! I love you♥

cr: ch0sshi@twitter

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[Weibo] Jessica's Weibo Updates

Cpl. Florence
трепетная няша.
Wan an[月亮] Zhe shi youqu de[馋嘴] Good night dear friends, sweet dreams! 잘자요잉[心]


сика, перестань писать транслитом, с китайским это не очень срабатывает >>

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[Selca/Photo] Jessica photos daily update

Cpl. Florence
трепетная няша.
Rise and shine friends, Zao an

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[SELCA] [From. SEOHYUN] 짜잔~!ㅎㅎ

Cpl. Florence
трепетная няша.

Seohyun’s black-and-white selca!!^^
Everyone~~ How are you doing~?
Half of 2013 is passing by already..
Make lots of fun memories each and every day, and~!
Today too, have a good day♡
translation by ch0sshi

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[Weibo] Jessica's Weibo Updates

Cpl. Florence
трепетная няша.

Goodnight friends ♥


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[OTHER] Сика зарегистрировалась на вейбо

Cpl. Florence
трепетная няша.

you can follow her here

она как знала, что я переселяюсь на вейбо

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[Message] Sooyoung's Message and Picture on SONE PLUS+

Girls Generation
Hello everyone in SONE PLUS+.

It's Sooyoung.

On Wednesday "LOVE&GIRLS" was released and it was fun when we danced the shampoo dance with all the fans at UNIVERSAL STUDIOS JAPAN♪
It was raining on that day, yet regardless a lot of fans gathered and it was a really happy time!

Please listen to the energetic "LOVE&GIRLS" that's enjoyable anytime, anywhere a lot~★


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[Message] SNSD's Message SONE JAPAN - SONE NOTE-

Girls Generation

Hello everyone in SONE JAPAN.
It's Girls' Generation.

We are backstage looking at SONE NOTE and chatting ^^♪

We have reviewed it many times...(laughs)

The precious first issue of SONE NOTE that we created with everyone is our treasure!
Let's make more SONE NOTE together in the future♪


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[OTHER] [From. SEOHYUN] 서친소!!

Cpl. Florence
трепетная няша.

Introducing Seohyun’s friends!! (‘SeoChinSo’ takes the first characters of the phrase in Korean)
My loyal ‘91 line friends
who came to see the concert despite being busy (Nicole, Kibum [Key], Howon (Hoya), Sungyeol) and
cute younger brother Sungjong~!
And, they aren’t in the photo, but Minyoung, Minho!
And even Ock Juhyun unnie, who Seohyun likes the most!!
Seriously, thank you all~^^
I think I’m a happy person who has lots of good luck when it comes to friends~!ㅎ
Once again, thank you to everyone who came and supported us~ I love you~ I’ll only give you happiness♥

Trans by ch0sshi@twitter

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[SELCA] [From. SOOYOUNG] 소원~♥

Cpl. Florence
трепетная няша.

Great people who make my dreams a reality^^!
Pretty pink memories we spent together the past 2 days!
I won’t forget it^^!! Thank you..
Let’s go on for a long time♥

Cr. Ch0sshi

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[OTHER] [From. SEOHYUN] 짜잔~!

Cpl. Florence
трепетная няша.

It’s Seohyun’s ddukbokki, personally made on set~!!^^
Thank you very much to all the people who came to see the concert on the 8th and 9th!!
Thanks to you all, I think we’ve made unforgettable memories~!ㅎ
Have a tasty lunch, and have another nice day today♥

CR : ch0sshi

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[Message] Thank You^^

Girls Generation

After receiving the “Popular Star” award at “The 7th Musical Awards”, Jessica posted a message on Girls’ Generation’s official website to show her thanks to fans.

[From. JESSICA]: Thank You^^

Thank you, SONE^^
I received a really special award today~
There were over 8,000 votes..daedanada*
Seriously, a round of applauseeeee to you all!!!!!!
Let’s hurry and meet at the concert~

Translator’s note:

* “amazing” (intentionally spelt incorrectly)


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[Message] Hi

Girls Generation

To mark the start of filming for her upcoming movie, “No Breathing”, Yuri posted a message on Girls’ Generation’s official website.

[From. YURI]: Hi

‘No Breathing’. I film tomorrow~^^
In order to become school band member Jungeun, dinggaringdingga*
I’ve been playing the guitar and playing these days^^
Laaaaater on~ I’m going to work hard
In order to show Yul playing guitar and singing on stage.
Until I get blisters on my fingers, hwaiting.

Also! Let’s meet at our concert, soon. Ack.Kkyak.Kkaol.**

Translator’s notes:
* guitar strumming sounds
** screaming sounds


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[Message] Everyone!

Girls Generation
On June 6th, Seohyun posted a message on Girls’ Generation’s official website commemorating Memorial Day in Korea.

[From. SEOHYUN]: Everyone!

Today is Memorial Day!^^
Let’s pay our respects for deceased patriots
Engrave their noble souls defending the fatherland deep in our hearts
And spend a meaningful day with the feeling of gratefulness^^


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[Message] Jessica's Message and Picture on SONE PLUS+

Girls Generation
Hello everyone on SONE PLUS+, it's Jessica!
It's already June~.

Right now, I'm preparing for the concert that's being held in Korea at the end of this week. ^_^
While remembering all the fun memories of the Japan tour...♪
Everyone, please listen to "LOVE&GIRLS"~ ✰


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[Message] Yoona Thanks Fans for Birthday Wishes


Starting about 2 years ago, when time went by, one year at a time
It felt like I was starting to lose the pleasure that comes with birthdays
But while having a birthday party with my members yesterday
And it must be because I received birthday wishes from so many people
But thinking that I am a happy person and am receiving love like this
It’s a full birthday that’s somewhat making me choke up^^
With birthday wishes that come into view wherever I go on the internet
I very very thankfully received the immense amount of love that fans have given me~
I will continue to become great and pretty so I can receive this great love^^

Today’s weather is nice, so I feel even better~
Everyone~~~~I love you~ Thank you♡
Let’s meet at the concert^^

*One cut with Syoung unnie who came late after her schedule yesterdayㅋ


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[News] The Weekly Soshi News Wrap


[Message] Sooyoung Shows Her Excitement for the First Episode of Dating Agency


Pit-a-pat~ Because there isn’t much time left until the first broadcast, I’m constantly nervous!! ㅎㅎ
It’s not the first time, but whenever a teaser or a preview was revealed,
I was so nervous.. You all probably feel the same way, right?ㅎ
Still, taking time to see my members’ faces and meeting foreign SONEs at the Thailand schedule gave me strength. ^-^♥

Even on the day of the press conference.. The rice wreaths and mangoes that you all sent from various countries!
There was dog food too~ ㅎㅎ Thank you so much ..
I was really touchedㅠㅠ I get strength from your sincerity ^-^♥

A few months ago, I received the sсript, and I made time during the tour
to keep preparing, but I think I’m always lacking..
Then, before an overseas schedule, I quickly requested sos [translator's note: help] from the director…
Also, during the meeting with the director, Lee Jonghyuk sunbae, who came out to help get the sсript in tune and encouraged me..
(I said I called him out at the press conference,
but I was rambling, so I think what I said was misleadingㅠㅠ)
Really, at the set too, he’s like a reliable sunbae at some times and always treats me comfortably .. ㅎㅎ
The other senior actors are really nice too..
I really must have some good fortune when it comes to people ^-^.. ㅎㅎ
After ‘The 3rd Hospital’, I’m able to act in another thankful surrounding…
I feel it’s another way for me to show and communicate with you all, so I’m always happy.

The first broadcast that’s not long away.
I wonder what sides of Minyoung and Sooyoung will be alike…
Everyone, give lots of love and try to find the similarities.
I’ll try my best ^~^ Make sure to watch the original broadcast!! ^-^♥

PS: I took a photo with the rice wreaths, mangoes, and dog food that you sent …
But it was too dark..and I came out too dark.. ㅋㅋ You already know. You can… only see the white of my eyes..
I’ll try to adjust it as much as I can… ㅠㅅㅠ


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