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[Message] 수영입니다~ ^^

Cpl. Florence
трепетная няша.


How have you been? I can hear spring coming~hehe
Should we walk along the flower roadㅎㅎ
I heard it’s really cold in Korea ㅠㅅㅠ
Don’t let your guard down because it’s spring, and be careful not to catch a cold!,^^
The reason why I’m writing this is because I’m excited about spring coming~
Along with the last cold, I couldn’t stay still with impersonators rampant^-^ hehe
I wanted to laugh it off at first~
Wouldn’t I get mad watching them make our SONEs be in a restless state~~? hehe
Fake Sooyoung~ If you are reading this right now, no more now~^^
I thank you for trying to communicate with SONE for me momentarily
Don’t do that anymore~ hehe
If it doesn’t stop and continues on, I won’t just stand by^^

I’m sorry for not being able to greet you all with better news
While the heart fluttering spring wind is gently blowing.. ♥

I will deliver news more often by using the official homepage.
I love you SONE^-^♥

Trans by ch0ssi@twitter

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[Message] Message and Picture on SONE JAPAN

Finished Membership Card!☆

Hello everyone in SONE JAPAN!

It's Girls' Generation~.

Our membership card is finished~~~~~!
The other day, we received them earlier at a tour venue; it is in a very Girls' Generation-like pink and a very cute membership card ^^ ♪
We're very happy to have one more proof of our bond with everyone in SONE JAPAN! Thank you all for cheering on Girls' Generation from now on.
Also, our tour is still going on so please come out and play a lot~♪


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[OTHER] [From. YURI] ㅎㅎ

Cpl. Florence
трепетная няша.

Translation :

On my way out after Jessica's Legally Blonde Musical ~
Oh my god~ what should I do~ I finally saw it~ hoho~
I am beside Sic Woods.. Shy.
The curtain call for next week hwaiting!

credit : dongie09@twitter

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[Selca] [From. TIFFANY] V day♥♥

Cpl. Florence
трепетная няша.


Translation :

I came to share cupcakes!♥

While sharing them with members^^
I'll take care of SONE like this ._.v (just accept my heart/intentions)
happy V day, SONE♥

ps. the 2 wins yesterday were jjang. congrats

xoxo -babycake♥ (she wrote it shortened)

Credit : translation by @ch0sshi

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[News] The Weekly Soshi News Wrap


[Message] SNSD's Message and Picture on SONE PLUS+

Hello everyone in SONE PLUS+!

We're SNSD~ ♪

SNSD's new mobile fansite has opened!!

The name SONE PLUS+ is really cute right~? <3
The SONE PLUS+ site will steadily add plenty of our content from now on, so please look forward to it ♪

Also, our nationwide Japan Arena Tour will start this week!
Since we can see you all after such a long time, we are very excited and nervous.
However, we are trying our hardest to show a wonderful performance so please wait for it!!

Let's get excited for "GIRL'S GENERATION ~Girls & Peace~ Japan 2nd Tour" together!!~★


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[Message] ♥_♥

2000th day and Triple Crown!! Thank you and I love you! ♥_♥
2000 days is..hoot.. just the start.. hoot.. compared to our love for each other hehe
Let's be together for 20,000 days and 200,000 days!!!
Right now it's Girls' Generation!

Note: hoot (훗) in Korean is like "scoff"


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[Message] Message & Sunny's Selca from SONE JAPAN site

Hello everyone on SONE JAPAN!

A hot picture from Sunny has arrived!

It seems like she has taken a liking towards pink hair color ^^

The members are now trying very hard to promote their new album in Korea along with preparing for their tour next month.

You'll be able to meet them very soon, so please wait a little bit! ♪

Finally on Girls' Generation official Facebook page a photo contest to celebrate the release of "GIRLS' GENERATION II ~ Girls & Peace ~" is currently being held!


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[Message] SONE~



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[Message] Seohyun Leaves a Message for Upcoming ‘V Concert’


“Hello everyone! It’s SeoHyun.
Today, we will have ‘Girls’ Generation V Concert’ to celebrate the release of our new album ‘I GOT A BOY’ at ‘M-stage’ at Gangnam station in Seoul at 8:00 p.m.
At the ‘V Concert’, you can enjoy our holographic performances for ‘Dancing Queen’ and ‘I GOT ABOY’. In addition to the holographic performances, there will be a chat session in the form of a ‘Viewable Radio’.


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[Message] ^^

Everyone~ This is Seohyun^^
You are starting your new year with Girls' Generation~ Hehe

What do you think of the new appearance we are attempting~?
Think there will be some people who were a bit surprised because we've changed so much from our usual appearance~
We find these kinds of attempts quite fun~!!

Also, this picture was taken before my first live guitar-playing stage, on the comeback show, in the waiting room hehe
I hope that you all spend a meaningful year where you attempt a new transformation, as well~!

Happy new year^^


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[Message] 2013~!!


Everyone~ How have you been?
Did you end 2012 well?ㅋ
Thanks to you, I ended my day well^^
It's finally 2013~ Did you eat rice cake soup?ㅋ
Personally, I was waiting for the new year to hurry and come
hoping for more good things to happen.
I'm happy starting the year at the same time as our album heh
Though it really seems like it would split into either like or dislike, it's a new side of us,
so I think we will have to work harder~ It's really a mental breakdown*… Hehe

Happy new year~ And also always take care of your health, and be careful of the icy roads~
SONE. Let's start running starting tomorrow!! Fighting keke

*Note: This is part of Yoona's lyrics in I Got a Boy (멘붕/menboong/mental breakdown)


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[Message] SONE~~call me maybe♥

DDAY*1 !!
Finally finally finally it's tomorrow~
happy GG new year(;
Enjoy the comeback show♥


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[Message] AYO!

DDAY*4 ♥


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[Message] Yoona's Message and Picture on Japanese Fansite

Posted Today, 06:38 AM
Hello everybody on Sone Japan mobile fansite. This is Yoona!

Everyone how was your christmas?
I spent a fun white christmas together with the members in Sapporo. (* ^_^*)

During the night it started to snow and it was sooo pretty.~
Without much thought we all ran outside...(laughs)

This year is ending soon, so I wish everyone on Sone Japan mobile fansite a happy new year ^^


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Cpl. Florence
трепетная няша.

Everyone~~~ Did you have a good Christmas ^ㅡ^?
Sooyoung caught a bad cold,
and even in Hokkaido.. Had to be...
in the hospita.... but........!!!!!
I got recovered from Santa ClauSONEs' presents~!
It was a happy Christmas♥_♥
Thank you so much♥

The drama teaser for I got a boy releaesd today ^ㅡ^
It's not long until January 1st!! ^^ Hehe anticipate it a lot ^3^
The weather's really cold!! Be!careful!not!to!catch!a!cold! ^^~


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[MESSAGE] This is Sica~

Cpl. Florence
трепетная няша.

merry white christmas!!!
Snow has piled up as tall as me in Sapporo~!! woohihing
I'm.. tall.. ^^ kekeke
Spend a warm Christmas with your family♡


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[MESSAGE] Merry Christmas~

Cpl. Florence
трепетная няша.

It's a happy, white Christmas this year~*
Making little snowmen with my unnies~ We also lay in the snow, and ate the falling snow too~ keke
Look forward to the girls' new appearances through the upcoming comeback~~!
Everyone have a happy Christmas~^^


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[MESSAGE] A-yo~!!

Cpl. Florence
трепетная няша.

A-yo SONE!
Merry Christmas.
During this year's white Christmas, I lay in the snow with my friends, eating the falling snow,
rolled around, and also flew on top of the snow.

Everyone have a happy Christmas


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[MESSAGE] Merry Christma~~s!!!!

Cpl. Florence
трепетная няша.

SONE!!! Merry Christmas!!^ㅡ^
It's the first post, after giving notice of a comeback. ^ㅡ^
I thought I was dying from wanting to tell.. Hehe
After giving notice, I want to show you our comeback!! for no reason!! earlier! euhaha!!
Now, if you really wait for just a little more, you will be able to see a new Soshi!
So look forward to it :)
The day where happiness and thanks overflow, Christmas,

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