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[Message] Jessica's weibo update


Thank u for coming tomomi :heart:
See u soon :love:

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[Message] Everyone♡


[From Yoona]: Everyone♡

Everyone♡ How have you been?
This is Yoona on her 25th birthday^^ It’s Yoongtanjeol☆
I’m in Japan, but looking on the internet, not only in our country,
but many people in various overseas countries have been wishing me a happy birthday.
And you all did good things that I couldn’t do. And you all gave me great gifts^^

Each and every year on my birthday,
it seems I receive even more birthday wishes, so I’m happy and grateful♡
Through these words, whenever I’m active,
you give me support, along with gifts, and with diverse ideas
you promote me, and because you always supportingly cheer me on from the side
I wanted to say thank you^^
I will become prettier and greater so I can repay you all~ Please wait^^
In Japan, the members and I celebrated when the clock struck 12
and for the first time in a while, we all gathered around and chatted and played until the sun roseㅋ

I’m eating well and living diligently, so don’t worry^^
The people who wished me a happy birthday~ Thank you so much♡
The weather is going to get hotter, so don’t get tired and be strong!!
I hope there will be a day that we can meet again soon^^
Thank you~S♡NE

* Depending on their individual appearances, certain members did not appear in photosㅋ hehe♡

Translator’s note: “Yoongtanjeol” essentially means her birthday.


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[Message] Yoona's Post on SONE PLUS+

Hello everyone in SONE PLUS+. It's Yoona.

With the start of April it's now completely warm, however when the nights are cold the fickle weather contines...
The other day I discovered something very pretty!

I inadvertently pressed the shutter of my camera when it was pointing to the sky, and the sun was shining like a diamond.
The clouds were like fluffy goats falling in love with the pretty sky~

Next weekend an exciting time is waiting for you all, so look forward to it from now!
There's just a little bit until the first concert in Fukuoka~


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[Message] Seohyun's Post on SONE PLUS+

Hello everyone in SONE PLUS+. It's Seohyun!
The sakura flowers are blooming beautifully, everyone did you go see them?

We are in the middle of preparing very hard for the tour from our activities in Korea right now!!
Very soon we will be able to spend fun times again with everyone~^^

Please listen to the album and come prepared!!


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[Message] HeartHeart♥


[From Girl's Generation]: HeartHeart♥

SONE who are always cheering for us~
Thank you so much! Bbyong!!


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[Message] Jessica's Post on SONE PLUS+

Hello everyone in SONE PLUS+. It's Jessica!
It really has gotten warm and it feels like spring~.

We released 'Mr.Mr.' in Korea and our promotion activities are in full swing ^^

I have chances to meet with many fans, so I'm happy~.
I'm excited because our arena tour will finally start next month♪
Everyone, please wait just a bit longer~!


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[Message] Tiffany's Post on SONE PLUS+

Hello everyone in SONE PLUS+. It's Tiffany!
Time really flies by for it to already be March~.

Last week we performed at U-EXPRESS 2014♪
It was really fun to be able to see everyone after such a long time!

Also, I was able to meet one of my favorite singers, Katy Perry...^^
I was able to have such a happy time.
Thank you to everyone who came!!

We just started our activities for our new release in Korea, so please support us~!


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[Message] Sooyoung's Post on SONE PLUS+

Hello everyone in SONE PLUS+. It's Sooyoung!
The cold days are continuing~. It's a long wait for spring.

We are currently preparing for our release in Korea ^^
And we are heading towards the Japan tour…♪

I'm very excited to be able to see everyone next week after a long time [at U-EXPRESS]!

Please look forward to Girls' Generation's performance~.


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[Message] Sunny's Post on SONE PLUS+

Hello everyone in SONE PLUS+. It's Sunny!
It's already February and next week is Valentine's Day <3

Today I tried out a long hair style!
Everyone, what do you think~^^?

We are currently preparing a new performance to show everyone, so please look forward to it!
Let's meet at the concert next month~♪


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[Message] Thank You So Much


[From. YOONA]: Thank You So Much

Thank you so much to everyone who watched ‘Prime Minister & I’ for 4 months
and supported Nam Dajung♡

It really doesn’t feel like this drama has ended.
Through this drama. I’m happy to have met such a good director and writers.
And great senior [actors].

Especially.. Me, who was lacking a lot.
I’m really grateful for the director and seniors who always taught and helped me.
I wanted to say thank you so much to our fans who consistently supported Nam Dajung Yoona^^
And viewers who watched♡

As expected, there were quite a number of things that I felt and gained through this work.
I will continue to work hard and become an improving and matured Yoona
So please support and watch over me!

Also, please give Girls’ Generation, who will be greeting you with a new appearance, lots of love♡
It’s late, but happy new year~^^
Thank you.


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[Message] Seohyun's Post on SONE PLUS+


Hello everyone in SONE PLUS+.
It's Seohyun!

Happy New Year!! 2014 has started.
Everyone, what do you want to do this year~?

This year we will be touring, so when I think about being able to meet everyone a lot I get very excited♪

I recently saw the musical 'Wicked' ^^

In Korea, I'm will soon act in a musical for the first time, so I'm practicing hard while learning a lot!
Everyone please give your regards to Girls' Generation in 2014~ ♡


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[Photos] Sooyoung and Yoona Share Photos and Messages for Naver STARCAST


Sooyoung and Yoona each posted photos and messages to ring in the new year on Naver STARCAST. Sooyoung wrote, “This is Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung. The year of the horse! In 2014, I hope my family and members are all healthy, our new album is a success, and that we will be able to meet with our fans often through good opportunities. Have a happy new year”. Meanwhile, Yoona’s message reads, “In 2014, I want to complete the drama ‘Prime Minister and I’, which is currently airing, well, and show Girls’ Generation’s activities nicely^^ As it’s the year of the horse, I think the new year is going to be even better and happier!! I hope you’re always healthy”.

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[Message] 2014 New Year’s Greetings


Girls’ Generation’s official website has posted a series of photos showing messages from Girls’ Generation commemorating the new year.

Happy new year!
- Taeyeon

happy new year s♡ne ♥ ^ㅡ^
- Jessica

2014, the new year!! I hope everything you hope for comes true. Have a happy new year
- Sunny

Happy New Year ♥ 2014
- Tiffany

‘2014’ Have a happy new year~ And I hope it’s filled with only happy things^^! And love Soshi even more ♥
- Hyoyeon

Happy new year
- Yuri

Smile more in 2014!! And always be healthy ♡
- Sooyoung

Everyone~ I hope in 2014, you’re healthier and your year is filled with better things than in 2013!
- Yoona

It’s the new year of 2014~ Have a very happy new year~ ♥ I hope your year becomes a meaningful one where everything you hope for comes true!! Spend 2014 with Girls’ Generation ♥
– Seohyun


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[Message] Gather Round SONE


[From. SOOYOUNG]: Gather Round SONE

Being able to spend the last day of 2013 with SONE…
Come to think of it, this was a year that had many things to be thankful for in various respects^ㅡ^ㅎㅎ
There were times that I complained out of habit
Still, looking back, I think it was a year that had more moments that were happier!
While we didn’t get to meet often, spending the 31st together
Was quite a relief and grateful incident if you think about it, right^^? ㅎㅎ

Yesterday, the humbling newcomer award! Doodoong*^^!
I’m grateful, again, for being able to go up one step at a time
And being able to be together with a good program and good people ^^
Being able to meet and make SONE laugh once a week
I’m really grateful, and, thanks to Hanbam**, it was the best year^_^
With not much [time] left.. There really isn’t much [time] left ㅎㅎ
The last of 2013! After spending it with people you love…
When it’s about time for the MBC Gayo Daejejun! Let’s meet;)
happy holidays!!

Translator’s notes:
* a sound
** Midnight TV Entertainment


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[Message] Merry Christmas♡


[From. YOONA]: Merry Christmas♡

Merry Christmas♡
Are you all spending it well~
I’m spending mine filming my drama^^
You all are watching it, right!?ㅋㅋ
Have a good ending to the little that’s left of the year 2013.
Take care of your health~♡


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[Message] Merry christmas!!;)


[From. SOOYOUNG]: Merry christmas!!;)

Thank you so so much to our fans who came to Hanbam* even on Christmas!!
Gifts that even make my heart warm! I think I’m going to fly with an armful of them!
SONE Santa, the best^_^!!
What’s left of Christmas !! I hope you end it on a happy note~!


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[Message] Taeyeon's Post on SONE PLUS+

Hello everyone in SONE PLUS+.
It's Taeyeon!
Everyone, you haven't caught cold~? Please dress warmly when you go out.

I was really happy to be able to see many SONE JAPAN members last week♪
At the live we performed songs that were from the album, how was it~ ^^?

This is a shot of a cute tree that was at Universal Studios Japan when we visited!
I was able to make a wonderful memory from seeing the Hologram Theater with everyone~.
Please have a fun Christmas~★


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[Message] Thank You So So Much, Fans♡


[From. YOONA]: Thank You So So Much, Fans♡

Today, we finally had a press conference for the KBS Monday/Tuesday drama, ‘Prime Minister and I’,
which airs for the first time on December 9th~
Thanks to the overflowing amount of rice from the entrance and a lot of love you sent with it,
I think I was able to be stronger and concluded it well^^ The best the best♡
There isn’t even a week left until the broadcastㅠ
With how fun the filming on set was, it will be a cheerful and warm drama..
So please look forward to it. And make sure!! To watch the original broadcast♡ㅋㅋ


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[Message] Tiffany's Post on SONE PLUS+

Hello everyone in SONE PLUS+.
It's Tiffany!
We have entered December~ This month is full of events so I'm really cheerful.

This is a picture from the album jacket photo shoot ^^
The very cute set was full of flowers, so all of us took many pictures (laughs)

I'll be able to see everyone next week! We are also looking forward to it~!!
Please anticipate Girls' Generation's stage♪


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[Message] Seohyun's Post on SONE PLUS+


Hello everyone in SONE PLUS+.
It snowed for the first time in Korea~!!

Everyone, you all checked out the MV for "My oh My", right~^^?
In this MV, Girls' Generation tried out being a band!

I was in charge of my beloved piano~♪
Please pay attention to the members' performance scene.
Also, we will deliver a new album to everyone very soon, so please wait and look forward to it~!


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