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[Message] This is *‘Gonggitdol’ Gong Minyoung~ ㅠㅅㅠ


[From. SOOYOUNG] This is *‘Gonggitdol’ Gong Minyoung~ ㅠㅅㅠ

*Translator’s note: “Gonggitdol” means “jacks” in Korean.

As of today, it’s goodbye for ‘Gong Stone’ Minyoung ㅠㅅㅠ
While it is sad, for a not-so-long time
I feel that I’ve received you all’s overflowing love..
So I was a very very happy Minyoung ^ㅡ^

The atmosphere on set was very pleasant, and friendly seniors and colleagues..
As well as staff; thanks to them, it was always happy~ㅎㅎ
While only looking at the sсript, I couldn’t imagine the appearance of the client and target well.
But the cameo actors who made Cyrano real with living, moving characters..
They made each episode shine brightly^^
Thanks to that, whenever a new senior actor would come for each episode, Minyoung
learned and felt a lot from the sidelines. ㅎㅎ It felt like I’d listened to a long lectureㅎㅎ
The support fans sent
With filming through the night.. You were always a strength for me, so I was able to complete things well until the end. Thank you♥

Now, for my meeting with a new character some day!!
I’m going to bury Minyoung with Euijin deep in my heart~ㅎㅎ
I’m going to push back the sad feeling and am going to have my heart flutter until my heart’s content for the soon-to-happen Taiwan concert!! I can do that, right? ^0^
The you sent me, I’ll become a Sooyoung who repays you with more^^~♥ ㅎㅎ
Because I’m sad~~ The photos I took while filming!! I’m going to reveal them +_+



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[Photo/Selca] Jessica's Weibo Updates

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[SELCA] TaeYeon Selca

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CR :

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[Message][From. SEOHYUN] ♥

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The rain keeps falling down~ㅜ
Don’t forget to take an umbrella when you go out!!ㅎ
They said it’s Chobok today~ ("first of the three dog days") I hope you improve your health with tonics on this hot day♥
CR : ch0sshi

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[Photo/Selca] Photo post

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[Photo/Selca] Random photo post

Girls Generation

[Photo] массовый интаграмм апдейта пост

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Sooyoung, I sang your part. It was really hot and was so hot that I couldn't touch it. ha. Let’s make sure to come together next time. #ggnight #gg #singapore"

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[Photo] Различых фото пост

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[From. SEOHYUN] ♥

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Everyone~!! Really.. Thank you..
For blessing mine, Seohyun’s, a person named Seo Juhyun’s birth on June 28th..
For filling a very important part of my life with an unforgettable love..
Thank you for being together with me on this irreversible, unstoppable, and unerasable moment.

I always think about something. Do I really have the right to receive such a great love like this?
What do I do if I were to, by chance, disappoint these people?..
While gratefulness and pressure always exist, every one of those times
with just the fact that I am receiving love right now
I realize that my life has a tremendous amount of value..

While I can’t become someone who can please everyone
If there is anyone who can smile just once because of me
I’m really happy with that alone.
I’ll work harder! I love you♥

cr: ch0sshi@twitter

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[Selca/Photo] Jessica photos daily update

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Rise and shine friends, Zao an

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[SELCA] [From. SEOHYUN] 짜잔~!ㅎㅎ

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Seohyun’s black-and-white selca!!^^
Everyone~~ How are you doing~?
Half of 2013 is passing by already..
Make lots of fun memories each and every day, and~!
Today too, have a good day♡
translation by ch0sshi

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[Weibo] Jessica's Weibo Updates

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Goodnight friends ♥


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[OTHER/SELCA] YoonA with Friends

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Credit : fuckyeahsoshi-sone.tumblr

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[OTHER] [From. YURI] 꺄~~♥

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It's an emotional moment that our fans have created for us♥
Although we're thankful everyday
and happy everyday,
For giving me the chance to feel the honour of holding one of the trophies of the Paeksang Arts Awards*!
I'm feeling unbelievably thankful and happy kya-ang~
I will definitely reciprocate by showing better sides of myself, step by step ♥
Next time, the appearance of me in a pretty dress.. do look forward to it too** ^^
Thank you and I love you kya~

Trans by: Kymmie
credits (Girls' Generation Official Site)


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[Photos] Hyo and Sica with friends

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HyoYeon with Min & Khan at World DJ Festival

Jessica with WonSuk

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[SELCA] YoonA new UFO profile pic

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[Message] From. TIFFANY♥

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home sweet home ♥
I'll be back after I go home for a little bit(;
ps. GO DODGERS !! ㅋ

CR: Kymmie

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[News] The Weekly Soshi News Wrap


[Selca] Krystal update her instagram

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can't deny we look alike :P


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[Photo] Taeyeon's Instagram updates