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[Weibo] Jessica's Weibo Updates

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трепетная няша.
Wan an[月亮] Zhe shi youqu de[馋嘴] Good night dear friends, sweet dreams! 잘자요잉[心]


сика, перестань писать транслитом, с китайским это не очень срабатывает >>

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[EVENT/FANTAKEN] Asia Style Collection in Singapore

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[Interview] ‘InStyle’ Interviews Sooyoung and Other ‘Dating Agency’ Cast Members

Girls Generation

Traditionally, it’s said to not interfere with others’ romances. However, the five people gathered here intentionally get involved in other people’s love [lives]. They act for people who are poor at confessions, and they whisper the needed lines (translator’s note: i.e. scripts) into their ears.

This is about the leading roles in the drama, “Dating Agency; Cryano”, played by Lee Jonghyuk, Lee Chunhee, Choi Sooyoung, Hong Jonghyun, and Jo Yoonwoo. Like people who have gathered to conspire, the five people are standing on a set decorated to seem like a secretive investigator’s office.

Lee Chunhee said something first:
“My role is a bit different from the other four, because I’m not affiliated with the Cyrano Agency.”
Lee Chunhee actually plays the role of “Cha Seungpyo”, who owns a small restaurant. He’s a mysterious character whose true nature interlaced with them is slowly being revealed.
“I’m a kind ‘daddy long legs’ right now, but I’m slowly going to reveal my real intentions. This means that conflicts will soon begin.” (laughs)

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[Message] Sooyoung's Message and Picture on SONE PLUS+

Girls Generation
Hello everyone in SONE PLUS+.

It's Sooyoung.

On Wednesday "LOVE&GIRLS" was released and it was fun when we danced the shampoo dance with all the fans at UNIVERSAL STUDIOS JAPAN♪
It was raining on that day, yet regardless a lot of fans gathered and it was a really happy time!

Please listen to the energetic "LOVE&GIRLS" that's enjoyable anytime, anywhere a lot~★


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[Message] SNSD's Message SONE JAPAN - SONE NOTE-

Girls Generation

Hello everyone in SONE JAPAN.
It's Girls' Generation.

We are backstage looking at SONE NOTE and chatting ^^♪

We have reviewed it many times...(laughs)

The precious first issue of SONE NOTE that we created with everyone is our treasure!
Let's make more SONE NOTE together in the future♪


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[Photo/Video] Instagram updates

Girls Generation

[Photo] Airport post

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[Photo] Girls' Generation World Tour ~Girls&Peace~ in Seoul - Day 1

Girls Generation

[News] The Weekly Soshi News Wrap

Girls Generation

[Photos] Taeyeon's Instagram

Girls Generation

13/6/13: Ginger-ya....... #black #gingerB #ginger


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[Photos] Hyoyeon's Instagram post

Girls Generation

[Photos] Yuri's Instagram post

Girls Generation

13/6/14: Let's leave together to the sea, to the mountains

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[Photo] Tiffany with Brad Pitt at Gyeongbokgung Palace

Girls Generation

[OTHER/SELCA] YoonA with Friends

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Credit : fuckyeahsoshi-sone.tumblr

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[News] The Weekly Soshi News Wrap

Girls Generation

[Photo] Sunny with Hair Couture Staff

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Credit : some13one.tumblr

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[OTHER] Tiffany New UFO Profile Picture

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credits || amei2288@twitter

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[Photo] HyoYeon with Miss A's Min

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DJ Min0Hyo attack @watasiwahyo
CR : therealminnn

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[Photo] Taeyeon's Instagram update

Girls Generation
yesterday's secret guest^^ they're thankful wolves who came despite their busy scheduleㅎㅎ I thought they were the red devils (support group for Korea's national soccer team)^^ kkya cutiesㅎㅎ also, I wasn't able to take a photo, but thank you so much, eunhyuk oppa, who watched from start to end!! #GGTOUR #exo #backstage #wolf

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[Photo] Busker Busker's Brad twitter updates

Girls Generation