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[Photo] SNSD with Korea's President Park Geun-hye

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[Video] SNSD Holds ‘LOVE&GIRLS’ Flashmob Event at Universal Studios Japan

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On June 19th, Girls’ Generation held their first ever flashmob event at Gramercy Park inside Osaka’s Universal Studios Japan to commemorate the release of their new single, “LOVE&GIRLS”. SM Entertainment recently released video footage from the event on its official YouTube channel .
Despite the rain, over 4,000 fans gathered in front of the special stage. When Girls’ Generation appeared on stage, all of the fans cheered enthusiastically. While the performance did start off only in front of the stage, as time went on, it gradually spread across the various areas until almost everyone, including security guards and park characters, was dancing along.
After the filming for the event had finished, Sooyoung returned to the stage once again and said, “To the fans that waited in the rain, thank you very much. I was really happy to be able to do the ‘Shampoo Dance’ together!” The other members were overjoyed at the success of their first ever flashmob, and Sooyoung said to the fans, “Since it is our first time trying this, a lot of the members were nervous, but it was a success. It made us really happy to be able to see the smiles of the fans that danced together with us. If people can listen to our song and smile, then it becomes our happiness too.”
SM Entertainment’s video clip, shown [above], reveals various shots from the flashmob event. The video also shows a number of dance covers uploaded by fans, as well as scenes from Girls’ Generation’s “LOVE&GIRLS” music video and footage from the Seoul leg of the “2013 Girls’ Generation’s World Tour – Girls & Peace”. To see more photos from the flashmob event, visit Soshified’s Photo Section.


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[Fancam/Video/Gif] Asia Style Collection in Singapore

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[EVENT/FANTAKEN] Asia Style Collection in Singapore

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[Message] SNSD's Message SONE JAPAN - SONE NOTE-

Girls Generation

Hello everyone in SONE JAPAN.
It's Girls' Generation.

We are backstage looking at SONE NOTE and chatting ^^♪

We have reviewed it many times...(laughs)

The precious first issue of SONE NOTE that we created with everyone is our treasure!
Let's make more SONE NOTE together in the future♪


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[Photo] Airport post

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[Photo] Girls' Generation World Tour ~Girls&Peace~ in Seoul - Day 1

Girls Generation

[Audio] Love & Girls

Girls Generation

Girls Generation - Love & Girls

01 Love & Girls
02. リンガ・フランカ


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[News] The Weekly Soshi News Wrap

Girls Generation

[Video] ~Girls & Peace~ 2nd Arena Tour Broadcast

Girls Generation

[Fancams] World Tour in Seoul Love & Girls

Girls Generation

[Video] World Tour in Seoul Love&Girls

Girls Generation

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[Photos] Taeyeon's Instagram

Girls Generation

13/6/13: Ginger-ya....... #black #gingerB #ginger


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[Photos] Hyoyeon's Instagram post

Girls Generation

[News] The Weekly Soshi News Wrap

Girls Generation

[News] Girls’ Generation Attends Press Conference for World Tour Concert in Seoul

Girls Generation
Earlier this afternoon, Girls’ Generation attended a press conference commemorating the second concert performance in Seoul for the “2013 Girls’ Generation’s World Tour – Girls & Peace” tour. The members stunned in a set of dresses that surely made Tiffany very happy. The bright pink outfits will be the first set seen in the concert for performances of “Hoot” and other songs.

The first concert in Seoul for Girls’ Generation’s world tour took place yesterday evening.

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[Photo] Taeyeon's Instagram update

Girls Generation
yesterday's secret guest^^ they're thankful wolves who came despite their busy scheduleㅎㅎ I thought they were the red devils (support group for Korea's national soccer team)^^ kkya cutiesㅎㅎ also, I wasn't able to take a photo, but thank you so much, eunhyuk oppa, who watched from start to end!! #GGTOUR #exo #backstage #wolf

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[Photo] SHINee Key's Instagram update

Girls Generation

[Magazine] SONE NOTE

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[News] SNSD to Bring World Tour to Taipei, Taiwan on July 20th and July 21st

Girls Generation
Taiwan’s SuperDome has announced that Girls’ Generation will be taking their world tour, “2013 Girls’ Generation’s World Tour – Girls & Peace”, to Taipei, Taiwan. Girls’ Generation will perform on two nights in Taipei: on Saturday, July 20th at 7:00 PM local time, and on Sunday, July 21st at 3:00 PM local time. The concert will take place at the Taipei Arena.

Tickets for the concert will come at price levels of 800 NTD (New Taiwan Dollars), 2,800 NTD, 3,200 NTD, 4,800 NTD, and 5,400 NTD, and will be sold through 7-ELEVEN’s ibon system. Ticket sales will begin on June 15th at 1:00 PM.

More ticketing details and a seating chart for Girls’ Generation’s concert in Taiwan are available on SuperDome‘s website.

Girls’ Generation’s world tour will begin this Saturday in Seoul, South Korea.


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