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[Message] Thank You So So Much, Fans♡


[From. YOONA]: Thank You So So Much, Fans♡

Today, we finally had a press conference for the KBS Monday/Tuesday drama, ‘Prime Minister and I’,
which airs for the first time on December 9th~
Thanks to the overflowing amount of rice from the entrance and a lot of love you sent with it,
I think I was able to be stronger and concluded it well^^ The best the best♡
There isn’t even a week left until the broadcastㅠ
With how fun the filming on set was, it will be a cheerful and warm drama..
So please look forward to it. And make sure!! To watch the original broadcast♡ㅋㅋ


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[News] Alcon Renews Endorsement Contract with Yoona


Alcon, a contact lens brand, has renewed its endorsement contract with Yoona for another year. Yoona first became a model for CIBA VISION, a subsidiary of Alcon, in July of 2012 and released several CFs and images for the “DAILIES” and “FreshLook” brands. She has since become an endorser for Alcon Taiwan.

Yoona’s new advertisement shoot for Alcon finished last month, and CFs will begin to air in January of 2014. Yoona will also continue to be active in Taiwan for Alcon.


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[Video] 131205 Happy Together


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[News] ‘Prime Minister and I’ Reveals Profile of Yoona’s Character, Nam Dajung


“Prime Minister and I” has revealed a character profile for Yoona’s role in the upcoming romantic comedy, which is set to begin airing on December 9th. The drama will revolve around a country’s prime minister, Kwon Yul, played by Lee Bumsoo, and a young female reporter, Nam Dajung, played by Yoona.

Nam Dajung


Age 28, a reporter for a third rate newspaper,
Covering ‘relationship’ scandal news.

A quick glance at her makes you think she’s smart, but a second look, and she’s clumsy.
Another look would make you think she’s absurd, but makes you laugh when you turn around.
She once dreamed of being an author like Jane Austen.
But in a world where literature doesn’t ‘feed’ you, this is a far away dream that she doesn’t dare dream about.
In the end, with the writing skills that swept writing contests,
And photography skills that she trained as a fangirl for H.O.T.,
She became a reporter of relationship scandals. It doesn’t matter if people look down on her,
Saying that a ‘third rate paparazzi’ isn’t even a reporter.
For her father, who is in a nursing home because of his dementia,
She must earn money like crazy.
Her father’s dream is to walk her down the aisle at her wedding… but she doesn’t have time to build a relationship
When she’s busy digging through other peoples’ love lives.
Thinking only about breaking news and bonus pay, working day and night digging through Kwon Yul’s relationship rumors,
She unexpectedly gets herself into the the middle of them.
Dajung, who is ‘accused’ against her will of climbing the social ladder,
from a third class reporter to the wife of the Prime Minister!
When will she get rid of this unwelcome title of ‘Cinderella’?


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[Interview] TV Daily Interviews Yoona for ‘Prime Minister and I’


TV Daily: Are you having fun filming ‘Prime Minister and I’? It’s yet to be broadcast; did you have any good dreams?
Yoona: There aren’t many weeks left until the first broadcast and I’m looking forward to it and my heart is fluttering as it gets near the date. It is a bit burdensome as well, but the mood on set is enjoyable and fun. I wasn’t able to have a dream, but I want to have a ‘daebak’ dream (translator’s note: dream of success) a day or two before the broadcast. (laughs)

TV Daily: You took on the role of the reporter Nam Dajung, who is full of gaps and holes (translator’s note: someone who is a bit clumsy). What is a ‘transformation point’ that you think was important?
Yoona: Unlike roles I’ve played thus far, there are off-the-wall and bright sides to this one. There are a lot of similarities with me. So I tried my best to show my usual self naturally. Because I change from being a reporter into a Mrs., there is one transformation in the drama. In order to set that change, I tried to add emphasis on natural hairstyles and outfits with dark tones and activewear. I created the difference as a Mrs. with two pieces and coat-like outfits, with straight hair.

TV Daily: How did it feel getting the sсript for ‘Prime Minister and I’ for the first time in a while?
Yoona: I had a lot of fun reading it. (laughs) I always wanted to try the genre of a romantic comedy and the sсript had a mood that I had in mind, so I had fun reading it. The character of Nam Dajung is similar to one that I’ve been searching for. I’ve been looking for a character that is brighter, easy-going, and tomboyish, unlike what I’ve shown, so this hit the nail on the head.

читать дальше


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[Video] KBS Releases New Teaser for “Prime Minister and I”


[Video] Teaser of “Prime Minister and I”


[OTHER] YoonA and Krystal at SMTown Tokyo 2012 Backstage

Cpl. Florence
трепетная няша.

Credit : 취효취's Facebook

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[Message] It’s Been a While Since I’ve Greeted You~^^


[From. YOONA]: It’s Been a While Since I’ve Greeted You~^^

Everyone’s doing well, right?
Thanks to people, not just in Korea, who love Girls’ Generation
We were able to receive such a great award, so I’m really really happy and excited^^
It’s still amazing to the point where I can’t believe it. Thank you so much♡

I’ve been spending my time lately filming my drama~
Be well until I greet you again later on♡
I love you!! Bye bye^^


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[News] Yoona Cast as Lead Female Role in New Drama, ‘Prime Minister Is Dating’

According to a source, Yoona has been confirmed as the lead role of the KBS 2TV Monday/Tuesday drama, “Prime Minister Is Dating”.

“Prime Minister Is Dating” will consist of a love story between a country’s prime minister and a young, female reporter who is trying to gather news on him. Yoona will be taking on the role of a 28-year-old female reporter, and Lee Bumsoo will play the opposing role as a prime minister in his 40′s, the country’s youngest ever.

“Prime Minister Is Dating” was originally planned to air under the title “Prime Minister and I”, but through a recent discussion, a title change and extensive story change were decided on. It was also known as being a Korean version of the film “The Sound of Music”, with a story about a prime minister and a private teacher who enters his home. However, the production team and writer decided to draw out the story with an emphasis on the prime minister and reporter. “Prime Minister Is Dating” will be a family and romantic comedy between a prime minister in his 40′s, and a female reporter in her 20′s, with a winter background.

A source stated, “Yoona and Lee Bumsoo will start filming at the end of October. Though the two leads have a 20 year age difference, with Lee Bumsoo being 43 years old and Yoona 23 years old in real life, a new kind of chemistry is being anticipated. Yoona’s acting transformation will also become an important point to watch.”

Meanwhile, “Prime Minister Is Dating” is scheduled to begin airing in December, following the drama “Choice of the Future”.


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[News] Yoona Becomes First Overseas Endorser for Alcon


Girls’ Generation’s Yoona has become the new endorser for Alcon Taiwan, a contact lenses brand. With Yoona’s clear and natural aura as well as her bright eyes, she completely expresses Alcon’s contact lenses with a natural and comfortable image. With her popularity in South Korea and acceptance of the offer to become Alcon’s endorser, she is expected to set off the “Aqua Generation”(Editor’s note: pun on Girls’ Generation) wave.



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[Twitter] Super Junior's Ryeowook twitter updates


[EVENT/FANTAKEN] 'GiRL de Provence' Thank You Party Red Carpet + Thank You Party

Girls Generation

[PHOTO] HyoYeon, YuRi, YoonA at SMTown Backstage

Girls Generation

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[Video] SK Telecom LTE Unveils New Videos of Yoona


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[Video] SKT LTE CF


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[Message] Yoona's Message and Picture on SONE PLUS+


Hello everyone in SONE PLUS+. It's Yoona!
It's gotten cooler and autumn is deepening.

Last week through our many promotions I was able to meet many of you~.
How was the first performance of "GALAXY SUPERNOVA" ^^?

Backstage there were many delicious refreshments, so I was able to eat many famous foods from Tokyo and Osaka..♪ (laughs)
However, it was a short time (>_<) To everyone who came, thank you very much!


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[Photos] Sunny's Instagram


13/9/22: Hyoraeng-ie happy birthday~! Happy birthday hyo~^^*

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[Video] New Innisfree CF featuring Yoona


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[Message] Hello^^


[From. YOONA]: Hello^^
Hello, SONE^^
The time passed as a group called Girls’ Generation has.
It’s been 6 years already~♥
My 18 year-old self has become 24 without realizing it.
I’ve gained more juniors..
And I think we have been spending quite some time as a girl group^^
Still remaining with us, calling us the best
And even if we probably show us lacking more than at the beginning
Because there are people who always support us
Up to now, this 6th year
I think that’s why we have been able to remain as a great Girls’ Generation♥
Always grateful♥
Right now, it’s Girls’ Generation~!!


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